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Mr Christian & Ms Callis Xiao ( Wednesday or Friday, Room S305, 3:30-4:30 pm) 

Mission: To build an inclusive community that supports and promotes students by allowing their voices to be heard.

Vision: To represent the student body and make decisions in the best interest of students, ensuring equal opportunities and encouraging student interests, needs, and welfare. 

Values: Respect and understand each other’s opinions, actions, and ideas.

Mr Vinodh & Ms Eshwari (Tuesday, Room S404, 3:30-4:15 pm) 

The Community Service Club at MIS has been an integral part of fostering a spirit of service, compassion, and making a positive impact within and beyond our school community. Throughout the school year, the club has organized and participated in various activities aimed at bringing about meaningful change.

Mr Edmer Torre(Wednesday,Room S206, 3:30 pm-4:15 pm,Middle school only) 

This is a special class for middle school students who struggle with math and need support to strengthen their understanding about the fundamental concepts of math.

Mr S.Purushothaman(Friday, S205, 3:30-4:15 PM, High school only)

Mathematics is a crucial part of any formal education school system in the world. It is also used in every facet of life. Yet, many students were struggling with grasping the fundamentals of mathematics. This club can help students who need to improve their mathematics and also support the students to get admission in the university by preparing for the entrance test like SAT and ACT.

Mr Aung Myat Moe (Tuesday, Room S 005, 3:30-4:15 pm) 

Purpose: An opportunity to learn about Myanmar’s culture and customs, in order to gain an in-depth understanding of Myanmar and its people. 

Activities: In this club, students will get the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Myanmar’s main religion: Buddhism. In particular, they will learn about the customs practiced by Myanmar people. They will also learn basic vocabulary in the Pali language, which is what the Myanmar people use daily, and how to rewrite these words using  the Roman alphabet.

Mr Kalinga Rupasinghe & Mr. Edwin Masibo(Thursday, S203, 3:30-4:15  pm) 

Mission : Educate students in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and give students advanced knowledge and application in the field.

Mr Liswindio (Wednesday, Room S106, 3:30- 4:15 pm) 

Preparation for the World Scholar’s Cup particularly in debating and writing. We will learn other subjects and general knowledge too. Students will be trained for their critical thinking and analytical skills.

Ms Elena Pupkova / Mr Tony (Thursday, Room L103/library , 3:30 – 4:10 pm) 


This class is for students who need support to strengthen their English Language skills.

Ms Alma(Thursday, Upper Primary Music Room, 3:30- 4:15 pm) 

The MS choir will sing songs to be ready to perform in all school’s events and assemblies.

Mr Anthony Binger (Thursday lunch time, Room S 301, Middle School students only: maximum 10 students can enroll) 

A chance to learn to play chess and draughts and stretch your thinking skills and relax

Ms Eleanor (Monday and/or Friday, Room S302 or S403, lunch break 12 to 12:15 pm,  Training/Workshop Schedule TBA)

Promote positive mindset and Mental Health on campus; student emotional and social support and many others.

Mr John Siwawa(Friday,Computer room,3:30- 4:15 pm)

Learners will be taught to have hands on with regards to IT infrastructure including and not limited to Website update, etc

Ms Komalsh and Ms Marilyn(Tuesday or Thursday, Room S103, 3.30pm-4.15pm, max 20 students can enroll)

Unlock the power of your voice and ignite your intellectual prowess by joining the exhilarating world of the Debates Club! Are you ready to explore the art of persuasive communication, critical thinking, and intellectual camaraderie? This is your chance to stand at the forefront of engaging discussions, to master the art of constructing compelling arguments, and to flourish in an environment that nurtures your growth. Whether you’re a seasoned orator or just beginning your journey into the world of rhetoric, our Debates Club welcomes all with open arms. Discover the thrill of expressing your opinions, refining your public speaking skills, and forging lasting connections with like-minded peers. Your voice matters – let it resonate in the Debates Club. 

Seize the opportunity today and be a part of shaping tomorrow’s leaders and thinkers!

Ms Angelica(Tuesdays, S004, 3:30- 4:15 pm, max 10 students can enroll)

Step into the lively world of our after-school Salsa Club! Embrace the basics of salsa dancing while discovering its cultural importance in Latin American heritage. This club welcomes all levels, even beginners, to share the joy and excitement of dancing. Let’s learn, laugh, and sway to the beat together, creating a fun and inclusive space. Unleash your inner dancer and let the Salsa Club add a spirited flair to your afternoons!

Mr Tony Shaw(all weekdays, S102/Exams office, 3:30- 4:00 pm)

Available for any enquiries regarding exams or Cambridge protocols, etc. This time is also utilized to deal directly with Cambridge as there is a 7 Hour time difference between UK and Myanmar.

Mr Terry Leggo (Wednesday afternoons, 3:30- 4:00 pm)

Art Extension is an opportunity for GCSE students and lower school groups, to get extra input on current projects or start something entirely new, using different media (e.g. printing or 3D work).  Anyone who just wants more Art time is very welcome to come along on a Wednesday afternoon.  Depending on numbers this may be extended to another afternoon as well, particularly if there are IGCSE students requiring more studio time.

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