Welcome to MIS

At Myanmar International School we think each school day is an opportunity for fun and challenge as students engage with curricular content and extracurricular activities. We recognize our students are whole individuals with their own interests, ideas and hopes, and so our mission is to encourage each student to be more who they are, helping to identify and develop their strengths.

Peter J Mc Murray
Chief Education Officer

Hello and welcome to the website of MIS, an International School with which I am very proud to be involved.

The pandemic has caused huge disruption to all our lives, but the job of educating our young must not be disrupted. We owe it to them to create a sound learning environment and at MIS that is precisely what we are doing.

You will notice on this website that there is a ‘wellbeing’ tab, as we recognise the emotional stresses being separated from friends and normal school activities can cause: to both students and staff.

At MIS we have a dedicated team of trained Designated Safeguarding Leads whose job is to monitor, support and assist all of the individuals, teaching staff, students and support staff. As CEO, my Senior Management Team and I monitor all the latest research and endeavour to pass this onto our professional staff.

MIS is a school which cares and which recognises our moral imperative to look after our young at this very difficult time.

Thank you for your interest in our school. Please reach out to our Admissions team and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Peter J Mc Murray - Chief Education Officer

The Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team (SMT) is responsible to the Governing Body for the leadership and management of the school. Each member of the team has specific responsibilities as described in the brief descriptions below, and also line manages a group of academic subject departments or other staff teams.

Peter McMurray
Chief Educational Officer

Peter has been working in education all of his life and has directed schools in the USA, Switzerland, Kenya, Abu Dhabi, Cyprus and Thailand.

Brendan O'Flaherty
Executive Principal

Brendan qualified as a teacher at Liverpool University and went on to take a BA and an MA at Leeds University. He holds the UK QTS teaching qualification and the CAFEP, the French teaching qualification which he prepared at the University of Lille.

Justin Nadir
Deputy Principal (Secondary)

Justin has been working as an educator at the secondary and tertiary levels in the United States and internationally for the past 15 years. He holds a B.A in Interdisciplinary Studies, an M.A. in Eastern Classics, and an M.Ed. in Globalization in Education. He is currently finishing a Certificate in School Management & Leadership through Harvard Business School.

Josh Scott
Deputy Principal (Primary)

Josh holds a BA in Early Childhood Studies from the University of East London, as well as a UK teaching license (QTS), and is currently completing his PGCE from the University of Northampton, UK. Josh has been a teacher for over 10 years, and has experience working at all levels of primary education.