Each year secondary students from MIS venture out of the classroom in order to explore learning in a more hands-on and adventurous capacity through a program called “Week Without Walls” or WWW. The objective is for students to recognize and enjoy the experience of learning in our natural environments in order to inspire life-long learners. The program provides a number of local and international trips that are guided by MIS learning philosophies and curriculum and led by MIS faculty.

Learning objectives are designed into each trip so that students maintain academic rigor and focus while enjoying their adventurous pursuits. Upon returning from their respective trips, students reflect on their experiences by analyzing and evaluating what they learned and present their findings to the rest of the school body. Our Week Without Walls program is highly anticipated each year and has been successful in promoting teamwork, inquiry and critical thinking skills.

This year we visited such locations as Malaysia-Singapore, Bali, Mon-Kayin State, Inle Lake, Bago, etc.