June 2017

      1.6.2017 (Thu) 2.6.2017 (Fri)
      Rice with Chicken yellow curry Rice with Pork and lemon sauce
      Rice with Fish Thai sauce Rice with Prawn mayonnaise
5.6.2017 (Mon) 6.6.2017 (Tue) 7.6.2017 (Wed) 8.6.2017 (Thu) 9.6.2017 (Fri)
Rice with Chicken masala Rice with Beef and Vegetable MIS Fried rice Rice with Chicken Pepper Rice with Pork mangon pickle
Rice with Prawn Thai sour red curry Rice with Fish Roasted and white sauce Rice with Seafood Rice With Fish Oyster and Onion Rice with Prawn Asparagus
12.6.2017 (Mon) 13.6.2017 (Tue) 14.6.2017 (Wed) 15.6.2017 (Thu) 16.6.2017 (Fri)
Rice with Chicken cashew nut Rice with Mutton Kebab Seafood Spaghetti Rice with Chicken mushroom Rice with Pork Kimchi
Rice with Prawn Egg Rice with Fish Basils Rice with Roasted Pork Rice With Fish Sweet and Sour Rice with Prawn paprika
Summer break
Note: Students and teachers can preorder either dish 1 day ahead if they want to.
It can also be preordered for a month by prepaid system with a selected menu.
Payment can be arranged at the Finance Office.