June Editor, Writer and Designer

Hi! My name is June. Yes, it is the month June. I am baking enthusiast. I will do my best to bring you the best content available.

Kuhu Writer and Assistant Editor

Aditi Writer and Reporter

Hey there! My name is Aditi and I am from Nepal. I lead a life that involves filling canvases with colours, papers with words and life with experiences. Cheers to mistakes crafted by impulses and subsequent wisdom!

Lola Reporter

Hii! my name is Lola and I am from year 9.2. This year I have joined the middle school basketball team, student council and I'm the photographer in the news letter team! I love going on adventurous trips and learning new things about the places. I like Social Studies most because it helps me learn more about our past and it shapes our future. See you around school!

Griffin Writer and Designer

Student Council’s Vice President

AK Reporter

Student Council’s Vice President

Phone Designer

In Year 12

Alex Designer

In Year 12

Lily Writer and Designer of Sports Section