Dear MIS Students and Parents,

A very warm welcome to School year 2018-19 at MIS, hopefully a year that is educationally productive for all, including students, parents and staff.  We look forward to great educational, social, and emotional gains by all students enrolled.

I am new to Myanmar and most delighted to be part of a highly functional educational team, together we can scale tall mountains and swim the greatest oceans, everyone has an important role at MIS including the students. We offer a special welcome for new students as well as new staff members coming to Yangon for the first time.  As of this date, it appears we are functioning as a well-oiled machine.

I believe I can speak for the new staff members in saying everyone has made us feel most welcome.  We look forward to getting to know parents throughout the year.  Parents, you are your children’s first teacher, we learn from you as well.  Parents are always welcome and hopefully we can answer your educationally related questions.

We will continue to challenge each and every student this year, not to work harder but to work smarter and develop educational awareness in a variety of arenas.   Students at all levels will be asked to become more involved and responsible for their own education, education is not a spectator sport, all must be involved and actively engaged.  That is my job to ensure that happens at all levels.

I welcome your involvement and feedback, together we can help shape the future of our students.  Please come by the school and say hello.


Robert W. Bennett

Primary Principal



  • Adv. Ed. Cert. (USA)
  • MA Education (USA)
  • BA Education(USA)
  • ADM Secondary / Primary (GERMANY)