Withrawal Procedure

  1. Parents inform the school in writing of the intention to withdraw the child from the school.  We kindly request that you give the School at least two weeks’ notice to prepare all the leaving documents; otherwise we cannot guarantee that the paperwork, or any applicable refund will be ready for your collection.
  2. Parents meet with the relevant section Principal to discuss the school leaving arrangements.
  3. Please note that leaving documents, School Leaving Certificates and Student Transcripts (Secondary Students Only) will be given out on the last day of your child’s attendance. This will happen once the appropriate clearance forms have been signed and returned by the pupil confirming that all books, educational materials & any other school properties have been returned to the respective departments. The Finance Department has to confirm that all outstanding fees /dues are paid.
  4. Any request for Student References must be presented through the Admissions Office at least two weeks in advance.
  5. Hard copies of clearance forms are available from the Admissions Office.