Tuition Fees

Joining MIS

Registration fees, together with at least the student’s first quarter fees must be paid in full before a new student may attend the school.

Tuition Fees

Fees may be paid annually in August, when a 3% discount applies, or each Semester or Quarter. A 3% discount is offered to all children in each family after the first child.

Surcharges for late payment

If fees for any quarter remain unpaid one calendar month after the start of that quarter, a 5% surcharge is added.  A further 5% surcharge is added after each subsequent calendar month when payment is not made. School report cards will not be issued to parents whose accounts are not settled.

16 August 2018 - Quarter 1/Semester 1 begins

29 October 2018 - Quarter 2 begins

21 January 2019 - Quarter 3/Semester 2 begins

1 April 2019 - Quarter 4 begins

Renewal of school places

Students places for a new academic year will not be renewed until:

a) fees for the previous year (inclusive of surcharges) are paid in full.    

b) a deposit of 500 USD on the fees for the following year is paid

Suspension from School

During an academic year, students will not be allowed to attend School if payment falls more than one full quarter behind. This means that students will not start quarter 3 if quarter 1 fees are unpaid and will not start quarter 4 if quarter 2 fees are unpaid.