Admission Policies

MIS welcomes boys and girls of all nationalities and religions. Students will need to demonstrate that they are able to cope with the competitive atmosphere of the school as well as work cooperatively to ensure the success of everyone.

Application for admission is ongoing as long as we have positions available in the classes. Our class size does not exceed 20 to better facilitate learning and provide individual help to our students.

MIS Admissions Office requires official copies (in English) of the candidate’s last three years academic records. Any other documents relating to the candidate’s academic / behavioral / medical background should be submitted in order for MIS to ensure candidate’s successful participation in all aspects of life at MIS.

Admission for the Early Years (Nursery and Kindergarten) will be based exclusively on the age of the child and the school assessment. Admission to Years 1 through 11 will be based on MIS placement examinations in English and Mathematics and personal evaluation of each child by the Primary or Secondary Principal including the records from the previous school and additional documentation when necessary.

Admission for Years 12 and 13 will be based on the grades attained up to the age of 16, an interview with the Secondary Principal and the results of English and Mathematics tests.

Admissions procedure

Myanmar international School welcomes boys and girls of all year levels, nationalities and backgrounds.
MIS has a rolling admissions procedure whereby applications are considered as they come to hand.

Parents contact the Admissions Office (Tel: 95-1-558-115, 558-116, 558-117, 558-118) for an appointment to visit the school. The Admissions Office is open throughout the school year, Monday to Friday, except during school holidays.

Candidate students and their parents are given a tour of the school and information regarding the school’s programmes; there is an opportunity to meet the Principal to ask any questions.

  • Admission to Nursery and Kindergarten  classes is  based  on  the  age  of  the  child  (Nursery  3-4  years,
    Kindergarten 4-5 years) and their readiness for school life at MIS, especially with their social, fine motor and
    English language skills.
  • Admission to Years 1-13 is based on:
    • Student age (Years 1-6: 5-11 years, Years 7-13: 11-18 years)
    • School reports from the previous year level
    • Year level in current school
    • Results from MIS entry tests in English and Mathematics
    • An interview with the Principal of the section in which admission is sought
  • The following documentation is required for all candidate students:
    • MIS Application Form, completed
    • Copies of the student’s previous and current school reports, where appropriate; if these documents are not in
    • English, the original copy and a translation must be provided
    • Copy of passport or birth certificate or certificate of identity
    • 2 passport sized photographs.

Please note that the submission of these documents does not guarantee admission to MIS.

  • The Admissions Committee meets to determine acceptance and year level placement.
  • Families are informed of the decision by telephone and letter
  • The MIS Registration Form is completed.
  • Registration and tuition fees are paid (note that the admissions process is not complete until fees are paid).
  • Purchase of the MIS uniform is made before the first day of the student’s classes.
  • Each student’s progress in all aspects of school life is monitored during the first quarter of his or her enrollment to ensure he or she is meeting required standards.
  • If any concerns are expressed regarding progress, the school provides extra support for the student in their academic work, and appropriate counseling.
  • Should it be determined at the end of the provisional period that the year level placement at admission needs adjustment, MIS reserves the right to make the appropriate change.
  • MIS has the right to discontinue enrollment should it be determined, at any time during a student’s enrollment, that they are not meeting the required standards in any aspect of school life. Parents are informed before any discontinuation of enrollment and a conference is called.

We look forward to receiving your child’s application to join Myanmar International School.

Please contact the Admissions Office ( if you have any questions.