Our Vision

At Myanmar International School, we believe that all children are special and possess unique skills and abilities. We offer an education in a positive, diverse, and secure learning environment. We support creativity, critical thinking, and lifelong learning designed to bring out the best in every child. By integrating local values with global perspective, we prepare our students to successfully meet 21st century challenges.

Our Mission

The Myanmar International School mission is to create a challenging, engaging, and motivating student-centered learning environment with instruction in English, where students are taught by a diverse multicultural staff utilizing the Cambridge International Curriculum.  Together, we work in harmony to develop every student’s full potential in a positive environment, both inside and outside the classroom.

We accomplish this by:

Providing students with the academic, physical, and social skills that will enable them to develop as responsible and confident global citizens through collaborative relationships within the school community.

Offering English Language Learners a supportive, nurturing and conducive environment to improve their English communication skills

Inspiring, educating, and empowering our students to be inquisitive lifelong learners.

The School Crest

The colors of our crest, red, white and blue, can be found in most countries’ flags around the world. As an international school we not only welcome students from many different nations but also aim to enlighten them about the world in which they live.

The mortar board symbolizes the academic excellence which we hope all of our students will achieve.

Our students will be the stars of the future in whatever they choose to do. They will bring happiness and light into the lives of everyone they know.